Security Theater or Security

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” Ben Franklin warned us

Security Theater

The ante was up’d on Oct 29,2010 when TSA decided it would now officially touch genitals and breast directly and look and feel inside pants. The molestation crossed over into Sexual Assault although it had been doing some of that as early as 2002 as noted in Penn Jillette’s blog.

When the gentleman from San Diego stripped to his biker shorts to avoid being molested again, he was told he had to put his clothes back on. It is obvious from a visual perusal of his body that he has no explosives or other devices on him. If this was REALLY about security that should have been enough. This is no longer about security it is about sexual assault, molesting and power.

Same story another writeup

A pretense of security.

If you require a machine to see someone naked, or sexual assault renamed Enhanced Pat down, then having someone striped down to their biker shorts allows that same view without molestation. IF this was REALLY about security passengers should be allowed to strip down to underwear in order to NOT be molested.

Young children who are visibly upset or some said shy who don’t want to be touched by strangers are being forced to endure molestation. They call these pat downs too. Children are taught to not allow strangers to touch them and especially not their private parts BUT we now have uniformed government agents touching them. This is unwanted touch and therefore molestation.

Young boy who did not want to be touched so finally out of exasperation the father took his shirt off to show he did not have explosives but again the agent said SIR, sir don’t do that. They continued to touch the boy against his will, running their hands inside his waist band. This is just WRONG. These children are being traumatized just to fly. Please READ the write up by expanding under the YouTube video before getting outraged so you have the full story and then can be outraged at the truth This story at least has more detail than most.

The TSA mentions the family did not file a complaint but the complaints are ignored as business as usual responses from what I have read so far online. So why bother. Well if they want numbers, file them so there is a record.

Young girl who was happy until her teddy bear was taken. Now is being molested because her movements set off the machine. What is the problem with the machines that toddlers are being molested? She obviously did not want the touch and kept saying stop touching me. This is a very hard video to watch as the agent continues to molest her against her will.

Some say this is is not molesting.


Appropriate boundaries say you can not touch another against their will or it is molestation or sexual assault. (Arrest overrides this to some extent. Ask a police officer if he is allowed to grab genitals or private parts) Try doing this on the street or elsewhere in the airport and you will be arrested for molestation and/or sexual assault.

Just try it.

How many people are being traumatized?

They offer you to go to a private room If they are not doing anything wrong, why do you need a private room. People need to do this out in public. Film it if you can or have someone else film it. Be discrete they are confiscating to hide their abuse just like with the Torture overseas. Record these abuses.

Don’t wear a skirt or they will shove their hand up hard between your legs. Yes there are stories ABC employee had TSA put her hands inside her underwear

No baggy clothes. Skin tight. No bras or at least not one with under-wire. All metal off.

More shocking Security Theater Applesauce for ailing mother There is a longer video showing the actual events.

Many people have decided not to fly but to drive or stay home. The travel industry should be up in arms against this constant harassment of their customers. No amount of marketing dollars can make up for the FEAR people have of TSA intimidation and harassment.

Stock tip: short the airline stocks, because they are going to lose more money in the months ahead

Protest November 24, 2010

Sexual assault is being called Enhanced pat downs

  • These unwanted assaults can be psychologically damaging to those already traumatized
  • Child’s genitals groped
  • Desensitizing others 2 sexual assault & molestation now that the government does it others will think it is normal behavior

Molestation is being called pat downs

  • Now they want to block filming these violations. Not stopping the violations. Stopping the recording of this inappropriate touch called Sexual assault and molestation.
  • How many children will be traumatized by these assaults on their bodies?
  • Bully and intimidation tactics are being used or minimizing the abuse by both the TSA, government and media. This is typical of abusers. Talk to any psychologists

Remember Torture was called Enhanced Interrogation

  • Pictures were forbidden after that was exposed. Not the torture.
  • No one was prosecuted for breaking the law. International Law.
  • They all knew about it. There was no outrage. They just did not want the pictures shown.
  • How many innocent people were tortured in our name?
  • Most Americans were against this but the media either down played it or made fun of those who said anything. The government did not prosecuted those responsible. They put a few lowly soldiers in jail for following orders but mostly because they took pictures and documented it.

Internet for truth

  • There are dozens of other examples on the Internet of inappropriate touch and abuse by agents against travelers.
  • Travel industry should be up in arms about this killing of their industry further.
  • In nine years the TSA has not caught anyone. Passengers have. Other countries.
  • TSA have harassed, abused, sexually assaulted, molested and crossed appropriate boundaries on too many. Too many children have been violated.
  • Filing complaints is useless. Those who have filed are finding no solace in the replies. Government is making the rules and saying they are following those rules. Those rules go against our rights against unlawful or unreasonable searches.
  • Remember driving is more dangerous than flying and we don’t molest people to be able to drive on the highway


Government Security to do list

  • Government needs to do more than Theater.
  • If and I mean a big IF they did find a terrorist what are the procedures for handling that? Are there any?
  • Our ports have been wide open for 9 years now while we harass citizens
  • Commercial cargo boats, planes, or other forms of shipping have had nothing
  • Government has used the media to convince everyone they are safe flying when in fact they are putting us in more danger by corralling us into huge pods of people waiting to get through these security points.
  • We are less safe flying now with the procedures assaulting citizens
  • Profiling preferred method in airport security in other countries
  • Please explain to me how it is less offensive to have a stranger touch me inappropriately or see me naked than it is to profile
  • Get rid of Patriot ACT which most of the people have been against since it was first introduced
  • Stop corralling everyone in to one small area where we are more vulnerable to someone blowing us up then we are on the plane.
  • Pay attention to warnings. Underwear bombers father told you to watch out for him and he was allowed on a plane even though he was on watch lists.
  • Pay attention to warnings. Warning was given before the Towers were hit and it was ignored.

Other Information

Cancer from Machine

Government Security Theater

  • Government has blocked help to people by boat or other countries because of their security theater procedures (Katrina blocked small everglade type boats from helping or water being brought to the people)
  • Selling weapons to the Country (Saudi Arabia) where the 18 hijackers came from is not making us more secure. This is insanity.
  • Torturing other countries citizens is not making us safe
  • Killing women, children in other countries is not making us safe
  • Allowing Businesses in the USA to sell weaponry to other countries is not making us safer.
  • Training other countries how to kill is how we got into the mess in Iraq to start with when we supplied them with weapons and training back when Rumsfeld and Cheney went there to strike deals with them because we wanted them to be against Iran.
  • Our country continues to create the mess that incites the hate. Stop it now!

Handicap or people with parts replaced are harassed every time they fly

Resource Links

House staffer witness demo of procedures and advert their eyes

Overreaction or real issue


Fly less

Someone who avoided the molestation

Podcast stories

Questions are interfering with their process

Another person strips to underwear and is told to put it back on to be molested


Of course the TSA workers want sympathy because we are outraged and verbally attacking those assaulting and molesting us.

Michigan man left with urostomy bag open and dripping on him because of inept TSA worker

TSA met the enemy and they are us

Slippery slope

Flight Attendant Forced to remove prosthetic Breast

Former Governor Ventura will not fly because of molestation

Penn Jillette story from 2002 when this TSA nonsense and Patriot Act were first encroaching on Americans under the guise of security


Woman with Breast milk detained and missed her flight spans multiple videos

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