Exquisite Massage at Gaylord Palms Relache Spa and Salon

Travel Tips: Therapeutic Massage is good for you

Relache Entrance Gaylord Palms Resort Spa and Salon Photographer Eileen LudwigRelache Entrance Gaylord Palms Resort Spa and Salon Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Massage is extraordinarily beneficial for you. When offered the opportunity to have a Massage at Gaylord Palms Resort Relache, my answer was “YES”. The Relache is a full service Spa and Salon with lots of extras. Get there early to relax and enjoy the Eucalyptus Steam Room and Sauna. Tea room with comfortable chairs for sitting, relaxing with water or choices of Teas.

Tea room outside Sauna and Steam Photographer Eileen LudwigTea room outside Sauna and Steam Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Eucalyptus Steam

First check in. Get slippers, robe, undress and start to the Steam Room. The Eucalyptus is an essential oil combined with the moist heat creates inhalation therapy opening your nasal passages for respiratory relief. The water mist spray comes from a pipe low in the steam room eventually filling the room with steam. Once it shuts off, the mist slowly dissipates. The moist heat is remarkably different from being outside sweating in the heat.

After the steam, the client may choose to use the sauna. Finally before your massage, use the shower which has many shower heads for different spray on your body. Nice and refreshing.

Relax in the Tea Room closest to the massage rooms with water or make Tea.


Massage Room Photographer Eileen Ludwig
Massage Room Photographer Eileen Ludwig

The Massage Therapist will retrieve you for your massage. Dean was the male therapist and also coach for the staff at Relache. The massage room was perfectly setup with quiet music and low light. The massage. For complete information on expectation, consult the Menu of Services pdf. My choice was the Signature Massage for 80 minutes. The 80 minute, long massage, for a full body type, is gratifying because there is enough time for a slow relief of all muscle groups while reducing stress and improving my circulation.

Waiting Massage Area Photographer Eileen LudwigWaiting Massage Area Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Massage techniques use a gliding movement called effleurage interspersed with petrissage. Working  with a variety of specific  treatments of areas with tighter muscles or tension. The Steam loosens the muscles.  There are many techniques to massage. Let your therapist know if the touch is ok or too light or too heavy. Massage is suppose to be relaxing. It is up to you to communicate.

Dean was an excellent Massage Therapist Professional. During the massage, he used some hot towels after finishing an area and under the neck. These added little details to enhanced the experience. Everyone has a selection of a male or female therapist. For myself, the difference in energy between male and female influences my choice when there is one, to choose a male therapist. Both genders can offer excellent massages in the past.

Dean suggested trying some other services the Spa offered. My choice was a manicure and Pedicure. While waiting for a later appointment, I move back to the Steam Room with the Eucalyptus, the Sauna, and another shower. Love this pampering. Very rarely pamper. This was nice.

Relache Spa and Salon at Gaylord Palms

The Spa offers many services – check the Spa Guide.

Hydrotherapy in a large size bath with hydro-jets for the water. The client would wear a bathing suit. The massage is with a water pressure wand.

Hydrotherapy Bath Photographer Eileen LudwigHydrotherapy Bath Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Couples massage involves two tables and two massage therapists in the same room. The Relache Spa set up with a separate shower and bathing area for the couple to indulge in a bath or shower.

Couples Massage Room Photographer Eileen LudwigCouples Massage Room Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Thai massage is available. Never have experienced Thai massage. Thai massage consists of lots of movement and deep massage performed on the floor.

Thai Massage Room Photographer Eileen LudwigThai Massage Room Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Manicure and Pedicure

Dressed. Off to the Salon area. Liza, the Cosmologist Professional, came and retrieved me for an informative and fun, manicure and pedicure. Liza trains other Salon nail technicians. The fun began with picking colors. This was bigger than a 48 color crayon box. Not being one who does nails, my playful adventurous side took over. Picked Blue for the hands and green for the toes. I thought I would look strange. Later I noticed many people with the same colors. Who knew?

Nail Colors Photographer Eileen LudwigNail Colors Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Liza was tremendously informative about taking care of nails and cutting the nails. Not rushing. Liza instructive on  the correct way to take care of my nails. Splendid. Love the pampering. Nice to have my hands and feet worked on for relaxation and soothing touch. I was skeptical since I usually am sensitive on my feet, but Liza was perfect. Her touch was relaxing and calming. Loved the finished colors. Felt like a teenager. Many people complemented me on my colors.

Manicure Pedicure Chairs Photographer Eileen LudwigManicure Pedicure Chairs Photographer Eileen Ludwig

With shoes in hand and foam sandals to go back to my room and rest before dinner, I was off.

Blue Fingers Nails Photographer Eileen LudwigBlue Fingers Nails Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Green Toe Nails Photographer Eileen Ludwig
Green Toe Nails Photographer Eileen Ludwig

What a fantastic day!

Full disclosure: Gaylord Palms Resort provided Spa and Salon Services but as always, I will share my honest opinion about my travel experiences.


Eileen Lud­wig, travel writer of  Free­lance Tourist brings to the world insights about places to travel, dis­counts, Stay­ca­tions, Restau­rant Reviews, movie reviews, and fas­ci­nat­ing tibits. She is owner four of  other sites: Pho­tog­ra­phy, Web Design SchoolSocial Media School and Theme Park Boomers
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