Roller coasters are for the brave

Travel Tips: Watching others stuff while they ride the roller coasters is OK


Roller coasters have scared me since I was little and almost slid out of one because I was so little and on the outside. Held in by my pants with a grab from my seat mate saved me (at least in my mind). Who knows if it was really that close. Some seem very drawn to the fear and excitement and go in groups. Peer pressure does work.


Love kids coasters most of the time. It is harder to fit in little seats on some of them. Thunder Mountain Railroad in Orlando has become one of my favorites. Got a friend to ride it with me and hold my hand. I screamed and yell alot. Found that worked when on a log flume. The screaming gets rid of that fear feeling in your stomach. It is amazing how the screams help the physical fear sensation. There are no direct drops, they are all curves so it eases you down the hill, fast, by not a direct drop. I scream the whole time and the people in front of me are in for a treat. Now I do the ride as many times in a row as I can.


Other roller coasters I watch with fascination. The dips, the loops, the twists, all to create excitement and fear. The lines are always long. They have fun names: Kracken, Hulk, Kingda Ka, Top Thrill Dragster, Tower of Terror in Australia, Steel Dragon 2000 in Japan, Millennium Force, Leviathan in Canada, Intimidator – just to name a few that others truly enjoy.


Would love to hear from Roller Coaster lovers and their stories in riding!

R for Roller Coaster

R for Roller Coasters as part of the A to Z Challenge


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