Pageantry of Royals During Medieval Times

Travel Tips: Enjoying the past in the present

Arena Pageantry Photographer Eileen LudwigArena Pageantry Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Unless I was a Royal, not sure I would have liked to live during Medieval Times  and luckily I don’t. Going to a Dinner Show and Tournament allows me to live in fantasy and enjoy the Royal side of life for an evening. Fun to have the pageantry. Reminds me of Renaissance Fairs, well, at least part of those Faires. Jousting during the show is very staged but most of time not noticed until one of actors falls from his horse by jumping. Laughter at the frivolity as I notice the horseman jump.

Knights Enter the Arena Photographer Eileen Ludwig

The arena is full of spectators with many, many, many children’s groups which are great for the hooting and hollering, flag waving, and cheering for the Knight who represents your seating section. The seat mates next to me are way more in years but young in age as the children. Waving the flags supplied by Medieval times, cheering and booing the other knights who are not the Red and Yellow Knight.

Filled Arena Guests Photographer Eileen LudwigFilled Arena Guests Photographer Eileen Ludwig

There is a story here but not sure I followed what it was. Like a baseball game couldn’t tell the score because I was distracted by everything going on watching the Knights race up and down the arena. Finally realized they were participating in the Tournament. Little rings hung down and they were to put their spear through it or put the spear in a target. Each game ended with Pageantry where the Knight was acknowledged and receive carnations for his WIN. The Knight took the carnations back to his section and toss them up to different people in the gallery. There were multiple games and challenges.

Medieval Times Slushy 10 dollars Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Hoots and hollers, cheers went up when a Knight did something positive. Ever watch gymnastic at the Olympics and there are multiple things going on, on the whole mat – that was the way this felt to keep track of everything. It was still fun because it was really about the costumes, the pageantry, the Knights, horses, and the crowd. They were all great.

Andalusians Stallions Medieval Times


Place setting souvenirs Photographer Eileen LudwigPlace setting souvenirs Photographer Eileen Ludwig


Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament on UrbanspoonFun takes over your emotions as you are forced to eat without utensils. Love the place setting with a program, flag, and souvenir cup all for the taking when you leave. Good marketing. Now you have reminders of your evening. Would have liked a fork to break up the half chicken which was very hot to the touch. Next time, sneak one in. Each part of the meal is served separately. The menu is on the inside of the napkin. Locations are printed on the napkin too. They are spread around the country with different looking castles. The food actually wasn’t bad given a whole chicken you could have white or dark meat or both.

Food Medieval Times Snapshot Video Photographer Eileen LudwigFood Medieval Times Snapshot Video Photographer Eileen Ludwig

After the show the actors come into the large area where the merchandise is located. This is a time for pictures or hello or whatever helps you end your evening with the treasures you were meant to have or want. Was able to catch a picture of the Red and Yellow Knight whose section I was part of for cheering.
Red and Yellow Knight Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Red and Yellow Knight Photographer Eileen Ludwig

King Prince Princess Photographer Eileen LudwigKing Prince Princess Photographer Eileen Ludwig


Full disclosure: The following provided  Media Familiarization  tickets Medieval Times and Thank you  Kissimmee Convention & Visitors Bureau for help and the opportunity to be Guest Blogger on their site , but as always, I will share my honest opinion about my travel experiences.


Eileen Lud­wig, travel writer of  Free­lance Tourist brings to the world insights about places to travel, dis­counts, Stay­ca­tions, Restau­rant Reviews, movie reviews, and fas­ci­nat­ing tibits. She is owner of three other sites: Pho­tog­ra­phy, Web Design School, and Social Media School Each are in dif­fer­ent stages of devel­op­ment and evolution.

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3 comments to Pageantry of Royals During Medieval Times

  • Rose

    It’s like medieval times again. It so fun to watch those horses,knights and princes and you get to eat like the royals.

  • A world from the past has turned to life. You can see old kings, beautiful princesses and brave knights back in their days of glory, you assist at tales of bravery and honor. This is a world that I saw so many times with the eyes of mind when I was a child and now I can see it in reality. Thanks for sharing!
    John Harrison recently posted..Wii troubleshootingMy Profile

  • Hello Eileen! I once visited a castle in the UK when I was younger, I can’t seem to remember where though, and there was an open air medieval tournament very much like the one you experienced. It was a fun experience though of course one would have guessed it was all staged. I could only wonder what it would be like to live in such times and have to wear all these layers of clothes! Thank you sharing!

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