Mother’s day a time to remember all the treasured parts

Travel Tips: Remember all of it but celebrate the gifts

Mother’s Day is sometimes a challenge. I want to pick up the phone so many times since 1988. She is gone but not forgotten. There were terrible times, and there were marvellous times. Once I realized she was dying – I got into treatment to remember the nicest parts. I knew they were there but had spent too many years trying to heal from the bad parts. The nicest parts were hidden. I feel tremendously blessed I had the time to connect with mom while connecting back to the good parts.


My Mother Lillian Kennedy Ludwig lower left side with Nicolas Ludwig top row left male
All my mothers brother and sisters and partners
All have passed away

My love of travel started with the many trips my mother took us on both as a family and sometimes just us. We would show up at a relatives house unannounced. It was one of things she did. Her first granddaughter we showed up at my sisters house after driving umpteen hours over the mountains. My sister was not happy we were there. Not sure older sister ever got over her memories of the bad parts. She spent many years trying to convince us of all the diseased parts.

My memories of the trip were enjoyable parts. We got to be there in this strange and different area of the country. Loved seeing the new baby. I had missed my older sister but her negative views of my mother finally drove me away. When I would spend time with her, it seemed she wanted to convince me how horrible our mother was. Once I started on my healing journey years later, I had to break it off to celebrate my treasured memories safe. I no longer could go back and talk to my mother to find out the other side of any of those ‘facts’ – I am immensely grateful for the good memories.

We went on a long trip to Florida with seven kids in the car. I was young and loved it. I kept track of all the expenses for at least a week of the time. My brother had pneumonia and the doctor suggested Florida, but the religious school said no. They took him out of school anyway and transferred him to a public school later after that adventure. Thankfully we all got to get out of the religion school and into public school I was delighted.

My mother would fight for some of the things she believed in. Go to City Hall and win. That was the women I loved. The one who had the guts to fight and win. Other family members  were embarrassed by that part of her. I loved that woman a lot.

Loved watching her dance. She was such a incredible dancer.

Mom loved the beach. Loved our summer house at Breezy Point and was terribly sad when we left to move to another state. Once the older ones were able to work, they had refused to go to the summer place. They ruined it for the rest of us especially the older daughter.  We moved.

Loved my trips to Cook’s restaurant with my mother for a hot dog and ice cream soda. Those were notable afternoons for me. Wish I had more of those now.

Happy Dead Mother’s day to all those whose mother’s have passed. Remember the marvelous!


Eileen Lud­wig, travel writer of Free­lance Tourist brings to the world insights about places to travel, dis­counts, Stay­ca­tions, Restau­rant Reviews, movie reviews, and fas­ci­nat­ing tibits. She is owner of three other sites: Pho­tog­ra­phy, Web Design School, and Social Media School Each are in dif­fer­ent stages of devel­op­ment and evolution.


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1 comment to Mother’s day a time to remember all the treasured parts

  • Lee

    Mother’s Day and visiting your mother go hand in hand but we have to make sure we visit our whole family regularly and not let things drift apart as we grow. A little effort now saves a lot of heartache later. Lee

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